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Arthur Simas

Arthur Simas

Software engineer, Computer Scientist & Master's Student in Computer Engineering

Location: São Paulo, Brazil
LinkedIn: arthursimas (opens in a new tab)
GitHub: arthursimas1 (opens in a new tab)
StackOverflow: arthur-simas (opens in a new tab)
ORCID: 0000-0001-7705-4929 (opens in a new tab)
Lattes: 7361619387683682 (opens in a new tab)



Short Bio

I am currently a full-time MSc student at University of Campinas (UNICAMP), where I am part of the INTRIG Research Group (opens in a new tab). I hold a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). During my undergraduate studies, I worked on an Undergraduate Research in the field of Artificial Intelligence entitled "Towards a Power Saving Framework Using Gamification in Cognitive Power Meters". I also completed my Final Graduation Project in the field of Computing Education entitled "e-atlas: Tools to Facilitate the Development of School Digital Atlases" with the help of an Extension Activity Grant to develop my contributions.

Furthermore, I served as a tutor for three different classes, including Introduction to Programming, Algorithms and Programming, and Organization and Retrieval of Information. After graduating, I gained experience as a Software Engineer in the area of data analysis and business intelligence.

As a current Master's student, I am advising some undergraduate students, which rendered in an accepted demo paper co-authored with my undergraduate students. I have gained experience in work, tutoring, and research experience in collaboration with Ericsson-funded projects, including to the research project "5G Services in Programmable Networks with Machine Learning", contributing to the development of a framework to capture 5G traces and YouTube QoE metrics, and also in a live 5G operational dataset collection campaigns in São Paulo and Campinas.

Research interests

My research domain is Computer Networking — specifically Cloud Computing —, where I develop efficient solutions to large scale workloads. I also have some look at topics such as Container Orchestration (Kubernetes), Infrastructure as a Code (Terraform), Programmable Data Planes (P4), Internet of Things, and Distributed Systems.